2011 Annual Report to Members

2012 and Beyond

The economy continues to recover, and ECCU continues applying lessons learned during the recession to help member ministries become financially healthier. Here are some of the ways we’re investing in ministry today and tomorrow.

  • Cause Accounts. We’ve been refining our vision to more closely align with the passion ECCU members share for Christ-centered ministry. We’re expressing this passion by developing savings accounts that not only earn interest but also directly invest a portion of their return in specific ministries.
  • Home Assignment Savings Calculator. This new resource, developed in conjunction with our new Provision Savings account, is designed to help missionaries prepare for their next home assignment by establishing a realistic savings target.
  • Webinars and Webinar Recordings. Based on the enthusiastic reception of ECCU webinars offered in 2011, we’re offering one each quarter in 2012, including Proven Ways to Increase Giving to Your Ministry and Cash Reserves: Why you need them. How to build them. Ministry leaders are even beginning to invite their peers to simulcasts where they network, watch a webinar together, then enjoy lunch and talk about what they learned.
  • Fall Resource Event Series. Many who attend the Financial Forums for Ministries return each year because they value the updates and insights from experts at the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and CapinCrouse, LLP. So ECCU will partner with these organizations to present this event series again in 2012.
  • Conferences. We continue engaging at ministry conferences presented by organizations like Catalyst, Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA), National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA) and Worship Facilities (WFX). Our focus at these events is on providing education and networking.
  • Regional Networking/Learning Opportunities. Whether it’s monthly CLA or NACBA chapter meetings or one-time workshops, we’re proactively communicating about and promoting these events.
  • Ministry Advisory Panel (MAP). This exclusive online panel is polled quarterly to track attendance and revenue trends and occasionally solicit the insights and expertise of ministry staff and leaders. This partnership allows ECCU to help ministries better understand their financial condition in the context of other ministries.

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