2011 Annual Report to Members

2011 Consolidated Financial Statements

Take a guided tour through ECCU’s 2011 consolidated financial statements. You may also view this year’s consolidated statements using this print version.

The ECCU Supervisory Committee serves members by reviewing the credit union’s financial operations. The Committee monitors ECCU policies and practices as needed to protect member accounts. To do this, the Committee engages appropriate experts to audit accounts, review internal controls, and monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Committee meets regularly to receive and evaluate the reports of these experts.

Based on the unqualified opinion of ECCU’s auditors, Moss Adams LLP, the Supervisory Committee has determined that ECCU complies with all credit union requirements and has good internal controls. In addition, its 2011 financial statements fairly present, in all material respects, the credit union’s financial position, results of operations, and cash flows. For a free copy of the full audited financial statements, please contact ECCU’s Accounting Department at 800.634.3228.

Banking Resources Delivered in 2011