2012 Annual Report to Members

Good news is always a joy to report, which makes this introduction a pleasure to write. It's my privilege to present you with an annual report that's full of good news. God's grace and provision to the alliance of Christ-centered ministries and individuals known as Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) is undeniable. It is embedded in each line item of our financials and each description of our efforts to fuel ministry. As you read these pages, rejoice with us for all the ways God helped us live out our mission in 2012.

Mark G. Holbrook, ECCU President/CEO

Letter to Members. After the most challenging year in its history, ECCU experienced a dramatic return to profitability in 2012. As once-struggling ministry members regained their financial footing, the credit union did as well. By year-end, liquidity and capital were strong and deposits were up. As a result, ECCU is well positioned to meet its members’ cash management and financing needs in 2013.

2012 Financial Statements

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