2012 Annual Report to Members

Banking Resources Delivered in 2012

In 2012, ECCU continued finding new ways to fuel Christ-centered ministry by more effectively resourcing our members. Here are some examples.

Resourcing Missionaries. By working closely with our mission sending agency members and individual missionaries, we can identify ways to better meet their unique banking needs. Here are just a few examples from 2012:

  • Partnering with International Funding Coach Scott Morton, we produced an exclusive series of five online instructional videos that address common fundraising challenges.
  • A member missionary now writes posts about how to save money when traveling for our Banking from the Field blog. We’ll be recruiting more missionaries to our blogging roster in 2013.
  • Missionaries are now using two new online resources with our Provision Savings Account—a Preparing for Home Assignment checklist and a calculator that helps account holders determine how much money they need to save for their next home assignment or other long-term needs.

Financial Forums for Ministries. ECCU again partnered with CapinCrouse LLP, to host financial forums in three California locations and in Colorado Springs. These events helped hundreds of ministry leaders stay informed of legislative, leadership, fundraising, and banking changes that affect their ministries.

Managing Ministry Money Special Edition. Delivered monthly to subscribers, Managing Ministry Money continues to offer timely and relevant ministry financial information from ECCU and its strategic partners. This year, we compiled the most valued resources from 2012 into this special edition.

Webinars and Webinar Recordings. Four webinars offered in 2012 attracted hundreds of attendees. They were: Proven Ways to Increase Giving to Your Ministry; Cash Reserves: Why you need them. How to build them.; Budgeting 101; and Advanced Budgeting. Recordings of ECCU webinars are available.

White Papers. Ministries also had access to three new titles in the growing library of ECCU white papers this year, including Is Now the Time to Refinance Your Ministry’s Loan?; Purchasing and Financing Existing Facilities Today; and Assembling the Financial Team.

Online Banking Upgrades. Upgrades in 2012 included:

  • Online tax forms
  • Ability to add an account
  • Ability to automatically and securely download ECCU account balances and transactions into financial management software
  • Remote deposit services and donor management system integration
  • A resources page for ministries

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