About ECCU

ECCU is an alliance of Christian churches, parachurch ministries, schools, workers, and individuals. Our commitment to fuel Christ-centered ministry is the most important thing we have in common, so we intentionally look beyond any individual or organization to the kingdom-building work of the alliance—to the ministry we actually accomplish.

While ECCU’s mission extends far beyond banking, we do provide a wide range of ministry-centric financial services and resources. The specialized banking services we offer our missionary members are perhaps the best illustration of how we steward resources to support kingdom-building ministry. For example:

Missionaries need much more than better bank accounts to be effective on the field. So as part of the ECCU Provision Savings account, which we developed to help missionaries save for long-term needs like home assignment, our missionary members gain access to an online home assignment calculator.

This is just one example. The thousands of people and organizations that comprise ECCU have countless financial and informational resources. Thanks to the broad base of relationships that we share, we’re able to leverage these resources to support ministry. Here’s another example:

Ministries learned through the recession the importance of having cash reserves. Our ministry development officers consult with ministries to help them establish appropriate reserves targets. Then we offer our Cash Reserves Savings account to help them build adequate reserves.

If you’re looking for a banking resource that, like you, is all about ministry, please click here to learn more about Our Mission.