There’s a reason so many people and organizations bank with us. Actually, there are two reasons.

ECCU members want their money to earn more. And they want their money to do more. Done and done.

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About ECCU

Who are we?

Unique among financial institutions, Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) is an alliance of Christian people and organizations committed to fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide.

Who do we serve?


Thousands of people bank with us, including more than 3,500 missionaries. Why? It’s because their savings are used to support Christian ministry and earn great interest rates .


Organizations like churches, schools, and mission sending agencies bank with ECCU for two reasons. They resonate with our mission and they appreciate our ministry-centric financial services and resources.

If you’d like to start banking where your money does more, get started now.

Our Mission

We exist to fuel Christ-centered ministry worldwide.

What does it mean to fuel ministry?

Your checking and savings accounts at ECCU fuel ministry in many ways. They help us provide loans to growing churches and other Christian organizations. And revenue we earn from our financial services enables us to do things like make grants to ministries ($4.58 million since 2005) and offer low-cost banking services to missionaries.


  • We serve evangelical Christians and hold to biblically-based financial principles.
  • We don’t serve shareholders. We serve our members, and would love for you to be one!
  • We have competitive savings account interest rates . Compare our rates to your current savings account and see the difference.
  • We do not support causes contrary to Scripture.
  • Together, we make a worldwide Kingdom Impact
  • It matters where you bank.