Your ministry banking resource has not always been called Evangelical Christian Credit Union.

We began in 1964 as the Conservative Baptist Credit Union with a mission to serve ministers and missionaries of Conservative Baptist churches and organizations. In 1984 a merger with the Association of Christian Schools International Credit Union (founded in 1966) created ECCU. This merger included an expansion of our field of membership to include evangelical churches, Christian schools, associations, and ministries that share a common bond of faith in Jesus Christ.

We have grown by every measure since that merger. Our staff has grown from 27 employees to over 275 people who together have helped ECCU earn the distinction of being a finalist each of the three years we participated in the Best Christian Workplaces’ annual survey. We have built, occupied, and outgrown various buildings along the way. Our core assets have grown from $43 million to over $1.2 billion, and total assets under management exceed $3 billion.

Today we are privileged to serve an increasing number of ministry members across the country from our headquarters in Brea, California and regional office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We also have more than 3,500 missionaries in over 100 countries around the world as members.