Beware of Latest Phishing Scam

BREA, California— A national retail chain wasn’t the only “target” of financial fraudsters during December. You can add some credit unions to the list. CO-OP Financial Services reported that “multiple credit unions have recently reported a phishing scam.”

Phishing scams are fraudulent communications that appear to come from reputable organizations, such as financial institutions. These communications usually warn of a problem on the consumer's account that requires immediate action. According to CO-OP:

This fraudulent attempt to capture card number PINs is done with an automated telephone service from various phone numbers. One recent phone number reported is 877.277.3125….

The message indicates the member’s debit card may have been compromised and has been placed on a hold status. In order to activate the card, the message asks the member to press 1 to unblock their card.

While no ECCU members have reported being targets of this phishing scam, it is a good reminder to vigilantly protect your personal information. Learn how by visiting our member security page.