Ministries Seek to Become Better Financial Stewards

BREA, California—Do ministries want to do a better job of managing the funds their donors contribute? Based on response to a recent webinar presented by Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU), the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Representatives from hundreds of ministries registered for “How to Build and Use a Better Budget” and gained firsthand access to budgeting tools and best practices. Now the webinar recording and a host of budgeting resources are available to everyone. They include: Attendee questions and answers, How to Budget in a Changing Economy (ECCU’s newest white paper), various sample annual reports and financial statements, and more.

“How to Build and Use a Better Budget” looked at who should be involved in the budgeting process and discussed how you can use your budget to monitor and adjust your investment in ministry throughout the year.

ECCU Ministry Development Officer Jeremy Moore and Abba’s House Church's Chief Financial Officer Denise Craig presented. Jeremy specializes in short- and long-term asset management and acquisition planning and execution, as well as creation and implementation of ministry financial strategies. His background includes positions as certified financial manager at Merrill Lynch and senior vice president of commercial banking at one the nation’s largest banks. Denise was trained at Southwestern Theological Seminary, and she is a Certified Church Business Administrator. She is also a member of the Manchester Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women. Denise graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in music education.

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