ECCU Employees Focus on Ministry Impact

BREA, California—The 2012 Next Top Credit Union Executive competition, hosted by the Credit Union Executives Society, finds two Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) employees competing for a $20,000 educational scholarship. Each contestant was asked to present an idea for a project on which they are currently working. David Paltza and Jay Sherer are focused on projects that invest in ministry.

Paltza, the credit department support administrator, envisions spreading the credit union movement overseas. He is working on bringing financial education, training, micro-lending, and other credit union services to economically disadvantaged people. “I have a great passion to bring hope to impoverished people around the world,” Paltza says. His goal is to transform impoverished areas into thriving communities focused on Jesus Christ through new and existing partnerships with local churches, financial institutions, and banking professionals.

Sherer, ECCU’s director of marketing, and his team are building a missionary education program that encourages missionaries to share the education with their peers. Partnering with Scott Morton, an international fundraising coach, they are developing a series of “how-to” fundraising videos specifically for missionaries. “Our team has a passion for serving missionaries, and we’re hoping that missionaries will find value in the biblically-based fundraising expertise of Scott Morton,” Sherer says. The idea is to educate international workers on the fundamentals of fundraising so that missionary ministries are fully funded. As missionaries find value in this educational resource, the hope is that they’ll spread the word about ECCU’s missionary offer.

Paltza and Sherer would appreciate your prayers and support for their efforts. You can view their video submissions by clicking on these links:

David Paltza

Jay Sherer

Voting is open to the public until July 31 at 3:00 p.m. (ET). To vote for either ECCU employee, visit the Next Top Credit Union Executive’s homepage.