New Blog Gives Ministries a Place to Learn and Talk about Managing Money

BREA, California—When Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) launched an e-publication for ministries called The Buzz almost two years ago, it had two goals in mind—deliver articles that help ministry leaders learn about managing money, and give readers a place to join an online conversation about ministry, money, and more.

A growing subscription base and consistently high readership helped us accomplish the first of those goals, but the second was tougher…until now. On July 21, ECCU launched a new blog that presents relevant posts and invites online conversation. It also offers additional benefits, including:

  • The ability to comment on blog posts
  • More frequent posts (two to three per week)
  • More subscription options (by RSS feed or e-mail)
  • Quick links to outside resources and other ministry blog conversations

The new blog will use a greater range of ECCU contributors, including Mark Jones (money management expert), Susan Rushing (banking operations expert), Jeremy Moore (ministry development officer), and Mark G. Holbrook (president/CEO).

“We’re committed to delivering valuable information; providing the opportunity for ministry leaders to offer their own insights, questions, and comments; and being responsive to those comments,” says Jeff Tanner, ECCU’s vice president of marketing. “We’d love to hear from you.”

You can join the conversation by visiting

If you’d like to receive the “best of” ECCU’s blog posts and additional ministry-centric resources, you can also subscribe to our e-newsletter, Managing Ministry Money: A Monthly Update for Financial Managers.