Webinar Recording Presents Proven Ways of Increasing Giving to Ministries

BREA, California—Slow economic recovery has translated into flat or reduced giving for many ministries. A free webinar recording, presented by Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU), helps counter this trend by featuring several ministries that have experienced increased giving and describing what they did to generate more revenue.

Representatives from hundreds of ministries registered for Proven Ways to Increase Giving to Your Ministry and gained firsthand access to stewardship/giving tools and best practices. Now the webinar recording and a broad range of giving resources are available to everyone. They include: A summary of ideas and insights provided by the ministries featured in the webinar, online tools, videos, articles, book recommendations, and much more.

By watching this webinar recording, you can expect to learn:

  • Specific things ministries have done that actually increased giving
  • How to communicate your ministry’s story so people clearly see how it aligns with their passion for ministry
  • How to better manage financial resources and free up more to invest in ministry

John Barbar, the business manager at Boca Raton Community Church in Florida, presented with Jeremy Moore, ECCU ministry development officer. John also leads Barbar Financial Solutions, Inc., a team of business professionals who are passionate about helping nonprofit leaders and business owners accomplish their vision. His background includes 30 years of experience in financial leadership, corporate administration, and project analysis for profit and nonprofit organizations.

To watch this free webinar recording and access the additional resources, visit www.eccu.org/giving-webinar. For more information, contact ECCU at 800.288.4846 or email solutions@eccu.org.