ECCU’s Heath Burke Named to WesPay Membership Council

BREA, California—WesPay, a regional payments association that promotes the growth and best use of electronic payments, recently announced the appointment of Heath Burke, director of electronic payment systems at ECCU, to their member advisory council. The appointment puts Burke in a unique position to influence and learn about a key channel for making payments.

“I’m excited and honored to be part of WesPay’s member advisory council,” Burke said. “I hope to have the opportunity to share the needs and concerns of the ECCU alliance so that WesPay can be better equipped to support and meet those needs. Additionally, I hope to learn so that I can better serve our members in the future.”

WesPay provides ACH information and resources to financial institutions, corporations, e-commerce companies, and payments technology providers around the country. These resources include:

  • Education, information exchange, and advocacy for members.
  • NACHA Operating Rules guidance and operational support, ongoing education and training, audit services, marketing tools and guidance, and publications.

WesPay also advocates for the ACH Network to local and state governments. As for the advisory council to which Burke has been named, it acts as an intermediary between WesPay, its board of directors, and members by:

  • Gathering feedback on products and services that WesPay may want to offer its members
  • Advocating for WesPay members to the association’s leadership
  • Creating awareness of WesPay’s products and services

ECCU Vice President of Banking and Payment Systems Susan Rushing cites Burke’s expertise as a valuable asset for the council he’ll be serving with. “Heath is uniquely gifted to serve on this team,” she said. “He is forward thinking and innovative and possesses a deep understanding of the electronic payments world. ECCU’s alliance will benefit from being involved in the front line of payments change.”