ECCU Removes Banking Barriers for Missionaries

BREA, California—A missionary serving in Russia goes to a nearby ATM to get some cash. He reaches for his debit card, but it’s not in his wallet. Turns out he inadvertently left it in the last bank ATM he used. The bank recovered the card, but to get it back, the missionary needs his California credit union to email the Russian bank and confirm his credit union membership. The email is quickly sent, the missionary gets his card back, and he uses it to withdraw the money he needs.

For missionaries serving internationally, getting cash is their most common banking need, and often their biggest banking challenge. For Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU), stories like this are common, so they respond quickly when their missionary members have trouble getting the cash they need. ECCU has also responded by eliminating their international and domestic cash withdrawal fees (over-the-counter or ATM withdrawals from checking accounts) for missionary members.

This is just the latest enhancement to the banking services ECCU offers those serving internationally. Others include a new online banking system and multiple ways for missionary members to avoid paying a monthly maintenance fee on their checking accounts. The online banking system also gives missionaries easy access to their monthly account statements (rather than waiting for paper statements to arrive in the mail) and the ability to pay bills and transfer funds between accounts.

Services like these, delivered by customer service staff with decades of experience serving missionaries, result in consistently high satisfaction ratings from many of ECCU’s 3,500 missionary members. “We are quite happy with ECCU,” one commented during a recent telephone survey. “They bend over backwards for us.”

Other ECCU services designed to make banking easier for missionaries include:

  • Affordable electronic payment services like wire transfers

  • Check card access worldwide and credit cards with a low fixed interest rate

  • Efficient and secure transactions—like account transfers, payroll, and wire transfers—between them and their sponsor organizations

  • Special handling of all banking materials to safeguard their information, providing protection from fraud and other risks

  • Federal deposit insurance on savings to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration

ECCU is different from most financial institutions because members’ deposits are invested to resource ministry around the world. Follow this link to learn more about missionary banking services from ECCU.