Consumers’ Savings Accounts Can Do More than Just Earn Interest

BREA, California—Recent media reports on the subject of socially responsible banking, such as an article in The Christian Century titled “Where’s your church’s money?”, are affirming ECCU’s renewed emphasis on the unique benefits of banking with a ministry-focused financial cooperative.

This emphasis makes an important distinction. People with savings accounts at other financial institutions cannot always be sure how their funds are being used. People who save at ECCU, however, can be confident that their deposits are always used to serve ministries and missionaries all over the world and never for causes contrary to Scripture.

This distinction has become increasingly important to people since the economic challenges of the past few years prompted increased scrutiny of the financial services industry. When the assurance of socially responsible banking is accompanied by a competitive return and strong customer service, as it is for ECCU members, people are compelled to explore the option of banking with a ministry-focused financial cooperative.

People who want to find out more about putting their savings to work for the kingdom by becoming ECCU members can do so by calling 800.288.4846 or by visiting