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Small Church Package

Big solutions for smaller communities
Small Church Package
(Up to 500 members)


Simple church banking that simply works. Easy-to-manage business accounts with up to 150 or 300 transactions per month and low fees. Get straightforward pricing with room to grow as your church does. More >


Enjoy convenient, easy-to-access savings, money market and certificate options. We'll help you choose the right accounts to support your goals and maximize your earnings. More >

Medium Church Package

Serve your growing congregation with financial solutions that grow with you
Medium-Large Church Package
(500+ Members)


A larger congregation means more transactions, but Adelfi offers analyzed accounts that won't break the bank. We've combined low fees with advanced cash management features to support needs. More >


Whether it's easy access to your funds or a higher dividend rate, whatever your organization’s savings needs are today, we have savings, money market and certificate accounts to meet them. More >

Online & Mobile Banking at your Fingertips, Literally

See all your accounts in one place, from anywhere and on any device. Plus:

Deposit checks from your phone or tablet

Easily transfer money between all your accounts

Send or receive money with the push of a button

Dashboard and Net Worth screenshots

remote deposit capture


Whether your local branch is a traffic jam or an ocean away, you can scan and submit one check or batches with your phone or computer.

Scan your checks and securely submit online with a scanner provided by AdelFi. Deposits processed same day.

Deposit up to $10,000 per day with our mobile app for phones and tablets.

ATM finder screenshot


Gain access to a worldwide network of ATMs

Visit one of 5,000 shared branches for in-person service

Fee-free access to cash at nationwide CO-OP locations

visa business credit card


Put the old check ledger and complicated personal reimbursements in the past. With the Visa® Business Credit Cards, you can easily track your expenses and transactions online. More >

No personal guarantees

Unlimited number of employee cards with ability to set and manage cardholder spending limits


Ministries have unique financial needs, and choosing the right lender means finding a bank that understands. We offer in-depth Financial Health Assessments to determine the path that’s right for your ministry.

Our real estate secured, longer-term loans are available at competitive rates that consider your overall relationship with AdelFi.

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Why Choose Faith-Based Banking?

What it means for you and your Church

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Financial advice from people who’ve been there

Among our staff of financial professionals, you'll find many former pastors, elders, and church board members. Let their years of experience inform and guide your ministry's financial journey

Your Values our Values

Your Values are our Values

At AdelFi, we understand the challenges and rewards of maintaining a healthy ministry. We work worldwide to fuel and empower the Christian community.

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