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Who Are the Givers? And How Can You Become One of Them?

Are Christians more generous? The Bible teaches us that giving is an act of worship, but as we all strive to live by Jesus’ teaching about generosity, we may find that variances among Christian giving – even when and how much to give – do exist. [read more]

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Save for a Car — Without Driving Yourself Crazy

What could be easier than saving money? Just spend a little less to save a little more, right? This sounds great, until we actually try to do it. That’s just about the time we get surprised with a forgotten bill, or a needy relative, or an odd clunking noise coming from the washer. So, trying to save for something as substantial as a car can really require some creativity…and discipline…and did I mention discipline? [read more]

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Buying a car without getting taken for a ride

The process of buying a car doesn’t have to be a losing proposition. With a little help and a lot of preparation, you can slide into the car you want at a price you can afford. We’ve put together some ideas to help make your dream machine a reality. [read more]

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Teaching Kids to Give Generously

I never planned on that very ordinary spring day to provide a teaching moment, yet that’s exactly how it turned out. I had just loaded my children into the car after a doctor’s appointment and a man, wearing tattered clothes, approached in a wheelchair. He asked if we had any food to spare, and I shared what I had to give: a sack lunch prepared for a picnic and a bakery donut I’d bought for my grandma. Joy filled his eyes when he realized the donut was cream-filled. The man was physically disabled but his humanity was displayed in a warm, thankful smile. As I helped the man, three of my young children sat in the back of the car watching. To be honest in that moment I forgot they were there [read more]

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Help Missionaries Make Money - While Saving Money

Many missionaries are simply not aware of the exclusive financial benefits available to them as ECCU missionary members. Last year alone, ECCU saved 4,000 missionaries more than $1 million in international banking fees—and with your help, we can help spread this significant financial impact ever further. [read more]

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A Day in the Life of a Missionary

Growing up in California, before they were even drawn to each other, Adam and Anna shared a love for the Pacific Ocean and all things outdoors. While training together for college marathons, they also discovered their shared desire to spread Christ’s love past the borders of that ocean. [read more]

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