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Celebrate the Greatest Gift by Giving of Yourself

Every Christmas, we celebrate that God granted us love, peace and healing through the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ. And every day as Evangelical Christians, we have the opportunity to show our gratitude for his deliverance. [read more]

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What a Difference a Year Makes

In the past 12 months, your membership has once again made quite an impact around the globe, supporting missionaries and ministries and providing everything from textbooks and training to healing and hope. With each new membership and account opened during a particular month in 2017, ECCU donated resources back into ministry. Let’s take a quick world tour to see what your new accounts accomplished [read more]

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It’s Better to Give than Receive

Meet any wise soul and they’ll tell you, “It’s better to give than receive.” They’ll sit you down and tell you stories, as they look back on life, about how true joy amounts from giving. Giving your time, your talents or your financial treasures. Giving is what matters. Especially near the end of life. They’ll quote wisdom found in Acts 20:35 and say it with passion and a knowing grin because they’ve lived it out. [read more]

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Extra Coins Become Agents of Change Fighting World Hunger

We all have it. That little bowl of coins that holds the collection of discarded change from our daily travels. Without much thought, we empty our pockets and purses into it. Well, imagine that container of coins feeding a family for weeks. [read more]

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Start a Sensational Christmas Season with Sensible Credit Card Spending

When it comes to holiday spending, keeping a handle on credit card debt is an important part of stewarding a strong financial foundation all year round. If you plan to break out the credit cards for the most wonderful time of the year, here are a few tips that will help keep it that way. [read more]

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Keep the Holidays Merry by Keeping Costs Under Control

By planning ahead, organizing your resources, and grabbing deals while they’re hot, you’ll knock out your seasonal shopping without decimating your budget. Here are some other holiday hints to help bolster your budget this season. [read more]

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