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Most Americans Are Way too Close to Financial Ruin. Are You?

Survey says: 63 percent of Americans have no emergency savings for things like a $500 car repair. This statistic surfaced in a Money Pulse survey. It means that most people live paycheck to paycheck. If you’re one of them, you know the angst that comes from worrying what will happen if you’re suddenly hit with an unexpected big expense. [read more]

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How to Talk to Your Kids about Money

For many kids, their first opportunity to learn about money comes when the Tooth Fairy makes her first visit and leaves a small payment under the pillow. This experience could be turned into a lesson about managing money, which is something most parents believe they should be teaching their kids. But it’s not happening. [read more]

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Ages and Stages for Teaching Kids to Save

There are really only three things we need to teach our children about saving money: Save as much as you can, as soon as you can, as long as you can. As helpful as this is, most of us could use just a little more detail on how to build a savings mindset into our kids from preschool to college. So, here are a few tips and resources that can get you started. [read more]

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When Commerce Meets the Great Commission

Deep in North Korea’s Chagang Province, a Korean-American mechanic tightens the drive belt on a Kameo tractor, hoping to get his anxious customer back to tilling the fields. After a few low groans, the well-worn machinery sputters to life. The farmer offers a polite nod and a modest payment as he departs. But the transaction is far from over. The mechanic is encouraged to see life restored to the farmer’s tractor, but his long-term goal is to see the same transformation in the farmer’s life, through the power of Christ. [read more]

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What to Expect from a Christian Financial Advisor

For followers of Jesus, financial management is not simply a means of accumulating wealth. It’s a matter of stewarding God’s resources in alignment with his purposes. Here’s how you can expect a Christian financial planner who is committed to godly stewardship to help. [read more]

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Student Summer Jobs Build Savings and Business Savvy

For most home school families, the school year never really ends—it just gets a little less structured. And with this freedom, comes free time, at least for the kids. Sometimes filling those long summer days can be a challenge, but with the right goals and some financial motivation, hot summer days can translate into cold cash for kids. [read more]

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