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3 Actions for Christians, Now!

We are all witnessing the brokenness of humanity, the fragility of humanity, and the effects of prolonged human injustice. As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I ask myself, “what is my role and my responsibility?” [read more]

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Thanksgiving: A Good Time to Tackle the “Loneliness Epidemic

Biblical Generosity is the recognition that God owns everything and that we, as the great recipients of his grace and love, enjoy the privilege of participating in God’s care for others. [read more]

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Fun, Hands-On Lessons to Jump Start Kids’ Financial Future

What if kids could understand how money works from early on, learning to use money as a tool instead of a scarce resource. [read more]

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With kids, saving can be a great catalyst for giving

Giving is a biblical response to blessing.. Teach your kids to give as they learn to save. By experiencing the joy of giving, they’ll learn generosity. [read more]

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Turn saving money into a game kids want to play

Make saving money fun to help your kids get started. We’re talking gamification. And here are some ideas for how you can use it to help your kids build the habit of saving money. [read more]

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Building budget-minded kids

Whether your kids are counting on their sticky little fingers or using graphing apps, teaching age-appropriate money-management lessons will keep them engaged with math while preparing them for adulthood. [read more]

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