ECCU staff makes worldwide impact with this simple greeting



March 1, 2018

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“These little pieces of paper literally connect American Christians with our persecuted brothers and sisters overseas. And they sometimes arrive just in time to encourage believers who are in the middle of hardship…” - excerpt from Open Doors USA website


Sometimes, just knowing you’re not alone can make a world of difference. Missionaries in remote areas around the globe received a word of encouragement, literally, as ECCU staff recently set aside time to write personal letters to isolated Christian missionaries.

Working through member organization Open Doors USA, ECCU staff joined  “a community of Christians who come together to support persecuted believers in more than 60 countries.” One of many ways Open Doors pursue out this mission is by writing letters to persecuted Christians.

One goal of this letter-writing effort is to remind persecuted believers that they’re not alone and that their brothers and sisters around the world are praying for them. ECCU staffer Crystal Garcia says “a time of prayer and worship” was part of her experience, which she characterized as “very humbling.” As so often happens when we serve others, God used the letter-writing in the lives of the ECCU staff too. Here’s some of the impact Crystal says it had on her:

I was really convicted that I am remiss in praying regularly for our fellow believers who face persecution...where is my faith minimized by my circumstances, my American ‘lenses’ / how is their faith enriched by their cost of believing? As great as my hope is for eternity, theirs must be so much more.

Like Crystal, writing these letters had a profound impact on Lexie Duchi:

When I read each person’s testimony...I felt strengthened reading through the courageous acts my fellow brothers and sisters LIVED through and are still living for God. There was a young man that forsook everyone and everything he once loved and chose Jesus, in a place that would be life threatening to him, and God prepared the way for him. That fuels me and inspires me to tell others about the Lord.

Susan Rushing of ECCU says she came away from this faith-at-work experience with several things, including a commitment to pray regularly for the persecuted church, kinship with the other letter writers who each had their own reasons for accepting this opportunity to serve and gratitude to God for the privilege of working at an organization that serves so many missionaries and ministries.

Besides sending some of their staff to serve this organization, ECCU is also sending a $2,500 donation to help Open Doors USA support persecuted Christians. Want to join in this letter-writing campaign? You can get started here.

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