Extra Coins Become Agents of Change Fighting World Hunger

by Children's Hunger Fund

Let your change make a change

December 4, 2017

We all have it. That little bowl of coins that holds the collection of discarded change from our daily travels. Without much thought, we empty our pockets and purses into it, occasionally returning to desperately fish out the few remaining quarters for a cup of coffee.

Well, imagine that container of coins feeding a family for weeks.

This month, we invite all ECCU members to empty your change jar, scoop out your car’s cup holders, and chuck all of your change into a great effort to feed hungry families through Project Coin Pak with Children's Hunger Fund!

What is a Coin Pak? It's a small box which you, your family, or your group can use to collect coins to provide meals for children in need.

For every 25¢ you donate, Children's Hunger Fund provides one meal to a child in need through local churches around the world. These meals are delivered in the form of Food Paks, boxes that hold up to 20 pounds of nutritious food, and can feed a family for up to one week.

Children's Hunger Fund church partners are able to practice Relational Mercy Ministry with these Food Paks, and can establish long-lasting relationships with families through ongoing home visits. Through these relationships, the gospel of Jesus Christ can be shared.

Change the world

sarah's familyWhen Sarah’s husband passed away, she was left with five hungry sons to feed, and very little hope. Her family lives in the Wakiso district of Uganda, where even the basic necessities of life are a struggle. In order to get water, they have to walk to a public well more than a quarter mile from their home.

Just before volunteers from the Buddo Bible Community Church reached out to Sarah, she had hit a low point, and wasn’t able to provide enough food for all of her children. Once the church began visiting Sarah and her young boys, her life drastically changed. With the help of Children's Hunger Fund monthly food provisions, she was able to provide two meals a day for everyone in the family. In addition, because of the food provided, she was able to save some money and start a small business of selling vegetables.

Greatest of all, Sarah has turned to Christ as her personal savior, and is attending Buddo Bible Community Church regularly.

Every Coin Counts

This is just one of the countless examples of your generosity being an agent of change, bringing good food and good news to the world’s hungry and hurting.

With just one Children's Hunger Fund's Project Coin Pak, you can impact the life of a family just like Sarah's. And the Coin Paks are a great way to get children involved in raising funds for mission-minded giving

Get started with your first Coin Pak today—send me a Coin Pak!  

Or, make a change with a one-time online donation!  For the month of December, ECCU will match all donations up to $5,000.

Learn more about Children’s Hunger fund and discover other ways you can deliver hope to children and families!

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