Fun, Hands-On Lessons to Jump Start Kids’ Financial Future



October 30, 2019

By the time adulthood arrives, money becomes a pretty serious thing. Between making enough, spending too much and saving less than we should, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the whole money management maze.

But, what if our kids didn’t see it that way? What if they could understand how money works from early on, learning to use money as a tool instead of a scarce resource.

That’s the thinking behind the free ebook Jump Start, the latest Start Young financial resource from ECCU.

Jump Start provides hands-on, fun and valuable ideas focused around training up your child to be a financial superstar as they learn wise, practical money management.

Jump Start ebook helps your kids:

  • Understand and create their own "home economy" and extra-value chore options. 
  • Make a budget and start saving for long- and short-term goals. 
  • Get ideas for practical lessons to use with your kids in the real world. 

Plus, this free ebook gives you practical ways to use Start Young Savings and Spending Accounts. Start Young is an entire banking program for kids to help them learn real-life financial banking skills, understand online banking, and even manage their own debit card, all while you control and monitor their financial progress.

The ebook, lessons and accounts are all waiting for you and your kids!

Get the free Jump Start ebook now by clicking

And, get started with Start Young accounts for your kids, by visiting



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