How to Give More as You Spend



March 2, 2018

Like so many modern conveniences, credit cards can play a valuable role in ordering the financial affairs of your life. Used wisely, they can help you be a better money manager, thanks to features like online expense tracking and rewards like cash back. But you don’t have to think too far outside the box to realize that your credit card can actually become a tool to fuel ministry.

Here’s one idea. Let’s say you carry a cash back credit card like the one ECCU offers. If you use it wisely, paying off your balance each month, you avoid unnecessary debt and interest payments. Now, suppose that for the next year your purchases on that card add up to $15,000. You use it to buy groceries and gas. You take a couple trips and pay for airfare and hotels. Plus you buy clothes and gifts and a whole variety of other items.

Since this card pays you 1.5 percent on all those purchases, they’ll generate $225 in “income” for you. And suppose you don’t look at this as free cash to spend on whatever, but instead earmark it as money for ministry. What kind of impact could you have? Well, you could:

  • Support a child through a ministry like Compassion International for six months.
  • Donate to an organization like the International Justice Mission and join the fight against human trafficking by helping four widows start their own small businesses.
  • Take a stand against domestic violence by purchasing much needed supplies for the shelters that organizations like The Sheepfold operate to protect women and their children and help them get back on their feet.
  • Purchase 21 care packages that you can carry in your car to help homeless people you encounter during the week.

See what can happen when you think strategically about how to use a simple financial management tool, like a credit card, for ministry? If you don’t yet carry an ECCU cash back credit cards, you can learn more about it here

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