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Common Cents

Are You Ready for Tax Season?

Despite the challenges of crunching your financial numbers, one nice thing about numbers is that they’re black and white. That means if you have the right information, you can come up with the answers you need. [read more]

Category: Common Cents

Common Sense Savings Skills

Setting your kids up with a youth bank account is a common sense first step. This will not only help them understand the banking process, but it introduces them to spending and savings tools that give them (and you) more control over their finances. [read more]

Category: Common Cents

How to Give More as You Spend

Like so many modern conveniences, credit cards can play a valuable role in ordering the financial affairs of your life. But you don’t have to think too far outside the box to realize that your credit card can actually become a tool to fuel ministry. [read more]

Category: Common Cents

ECCU staff makes worldwide impact with this simple greeting

Missionaries in remote areas around the globe received a word of encouragement, literally, as ECCU staff recently set aside time to write personal letters to isolated Christian missionaries. [read more]

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You Can Get Control of Your Money!

“If you’re not careful, life has a way of making financial decisions for you.” Now there’s some practical wisdom. It comes from yet another ECCU resource that you may want to check out if it feels like you don’t have a firm enough grip on your finances. [read more]

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When You Bank with ECCU...

Choosing a bank is a bit like choosing a doctor. You want to find one who has your interests at heart. As a follower of Jesus, one of your primary interests is to see God’s kingdom expand. The same is true at ECCU. This means that when you bank with ECCU, your money has eternal impact. [read more]

Category: Common Cents