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Common Cents

When Commerce Meets the Great Commission

Deep in North Korea’s Chagang Province, a Korean-American mechanic tightens the drive belt on a Kameo tractor, hoping to get his anxious customer back to tilling the fields. After a few low groans, the well-worn machinery sputters to life. The farmer offers a polite nod and a modest payment as he departs. But the transaction is far from over. The mechanic is encouraged to see life restored to the farmer’s tractor, but his long-term goal is to see the same transformation in the farmer’s life, through the power of Christ. [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

Live It Up this Summer without Going Broke

If summertime is such a carefree time, then why aren’t the most-popular summer activities free or low cost? Here’s a roundup of ideas from personal financial experts as well as families who’ve tackled this question before. [read more]

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Is Your Teen Ready to Drive Their Financial Future?

Our series on banking for the whole family continues with a look at the needs of high school students. By this age, they probably understand the basic concepts of personal finance and have savings and checking accounts established in their names. (If not, it’s never too late to teach them these lessons. [read more]

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Financially Focused Families Create Richer Homeschooling Environments

As home-based education becomes more popular, and students test higher, connections are being recognized between financial education and financial success. [read more]

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Reading, Writing and Banking – Smart Money Management for Kids Under 12

As parents and caregivers, we often rely on schools to teach kids about spelling, grammar, math, history, science and more. But necessary life skills – such as money management and banking – aren’t often taught, so parents need to fill that gap. [read more]

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How to Introduce Your Preschooler to Money and Banking

Should kids who are still learning how to count be introduced to the grown-up world of money management? Absolutely. It’s never too early to start teaching your children about money and the importance of financial responsibility. [read more]

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