Spend Less Time Paying Bills and More Time Living Life


ECCU banking on a tablet

February 29, 2016

If you’ve ever thought that the value of your life is more than the sum of your to-do list, we have an app for you.

At ECCU, we spend a lot of time with our members talking about value. We measure our impact through the savings we provide to missionary members – $700,000 – or the millions of grants we’ve extended to ministries and missionaries ($4.58 million since 2005). And we can look at how we’re helping our alliance of more than 8,000 members spend more time on what matters, including sharing the value of a Christ-centered life with others.

Together, we’re celebrating every effort to ditch busyness and pursue purpose in life.

Our mobile banking app is for every ECCU member who feels like there are too many things to accomplish every day – and too few hours to get it all done. (Yes, we were thinking of you!) If you’re feeling overscheduled, overworked or overwrought, this video is for you. See how you can pay a bill or send money to a person in a matter of moments.

Sometimes, seconds is all it takes to change your life. Instead of squandering precious moments completing routine things – bill paying for example – you can focus your time on the important things.

Studies are confirming that faith and religion provide sustained happiness. We’re also learning that reducing the stress caused by busyness and other factors out of our control can reduce our health care costs by $25,000 annually. Even the simple act of spending a few seconds regularly to express gratitude can fend off heart disease by reducing depression, stress and anxiety. And while you’re at it, head outdoors to marvel at God’s creation because spending time in nature reduces stress.

After all, wouldn’t you rather spend less time banking and more time on what matters?

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