To build kids’ money-handling habits — better Start Young

by Linda Carlson


July 19, 2018

Every parent who has passed the toddler-wrangling stage knows that kids learn by watching, and then doing—why else would we buy a lock for a toilet seat? So, when it comes to practical life skills, we’re always looking for safe ways to give our kids some hands-on experience.
For example, to raise a talented baseball player, we start young by instilling basic skills through a game like T-ball (cue parent, lurching backward to avoid getting kneecapped by a miniature bat). In the same way, to develop our kids into financially savvy adults, we also start young, teaching them basic stewardship skills like saving and responsible spending.
Or at least we try.
It’s time to send the pig packing   
In the past, we’ve all used similar financial tactics:  encourage our kids to stuff a piggy bank with cash until there’s some unexpected need to emaciate the poor porker, and then we start the process all over again. Or, if you’re one of those organized parents, you may have three separate pigs for spending, saving and giving.
While those are useful (and possibly Pinterest-worthy) tools, let’s take this kid-focused financial training one step further by introducing some real banking tools made just for kids.
It’s amazing what happens when you Start Young
New Start Young Accounts are actual youth savings and spending accounts that give kids hands-on experience in handling money, with you by their side. Developed by ECCU with 50+ years of banking experience behind it, Start Young Accounts help you and your children work together, discovering the rewards of saving and spending responsibly, while using practical money skills, based on biblical values. 


Start Young LogoFor kids 7 days to 17 years old, Start Young Accounts offer age-appropriate digital banking tools, but with safeguards, limits, and options and that you control. And it costs you nothing—no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balances.


Each account also comes with its own Start Young Visa® Debit Card—allowing you to teach your children the basics of using money in a digital world, safely and at your own pace. Again, no maintenance fees, no overdraft fees.
Now you can easily teach your kids to make their own responsible purchases online or in a store; plus, you can set the spending limits and digitally monitor their account from anywhere. Just imagine helping your busy teens build healthy spending habits, years before they get tempted with that first credit card offer.
Start Young, finish strong
It’s never too early to understand money, so Start Young Accounts offer your kids grown-up banking features that grow with them. It’s the best way to help your child discover the rewards of saving and spending responsibly—together!
Click here to learn how your kids can Start Young!


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