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December 7, 2017

ECCU Accounts add up to More for Ministry

For the past 50 years, ECCU members have been enjoying the benefits of full-featured banking, but that’s just half the story. The real power behind ECCU is the benefit that 10,000 members provide to ministries and missionaries internationally. In fact, no other credit union is purposed and poised to put your money to work fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide.

In the past 12 months, your membership has once again made quite an impact around the globe, supporting missionaries and ministries and providing everything from textbooks and training to healing and hope. With each new membership and account opened during a particular month in 2017, ECCU donated resources back into ministry. Let’s take a quick world tour to see what your new accounts accomplished:

Day Family

We’ll start in the Philippines with the Day family—Anna, Adam and little Luke, who are just getting settled as WorldVenture missionaries. These amazing ECCU members have already started their first assignment in Manila, training pastors for ministry. Your new accounts fostered a donation of a $2,500 to help support their work.

Experience a Day in the life of a missionary

Dr. GinaNext stop, northern Africa, where we meet Dr. Gina McConley, Psychologist, SIM missionary and ECCU member. Dr. Gina delivers emotional and spiritual support to countless Nigerian women who are considered outcasts by their communities after suffering injury from traumatic childbirth. Your new accounts prompted a donation of more than $1,000 to help Dr. Gina bring a healing touch to untouchable women in Niger, restoring body, mind and soul.

Explore more about Dr. Gina and the Nigerian clinic

Worldwide TentmakersThe benefit of new ECCU accounts even reached into countries typically closed to traditional Christian ministry. Tentmakers Worldwide helps connect Christian entrepreneurs to unreached regions, where they can start a business, build relationships and spread the Gospel on a personal level. With your help, ECCU donated $1,150 to provide mission-minded professionals with training, resources and support to develop successful businesses in spiritually-strategic areas around the world.

Take a closer look at Worldwide Tentmakers

Homeschool FoundationBack in the States, your new accounts helped support hurting families with a donation of $900 to Home School Foundation. This charitable arm of HSLDA helps fund homeschool curriculum and other costs for disaster victims, widows, special needs kids, single and military parents, and more.

See the difference Home School Foundation is making

Children Hunger Fund          Southern Pacific District AG

In addition, during the year’s numerous natural disasters, ECCU donated $30,000 to relief partners Children’s Hunger Fund and Assemblies of God Southern Pacific District as they assisted victims of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as those affected by the earthquake in Mexico.

Learn more about Children’s Hunger Fund and Assemblies of God Southern Pacific District

Generage Hope

And, you also had an impact on human trafficking near the US southern border.  GenerateHope provides shelter and support to help restore victims of human trafficking, and your new accounts translated into a donation of 100 HopeChests of personal items—the first gift to young women recovering from the trauma of sex trafficking in America.

Connect with GenerateHope


Thank you for continuing to stand with ECCU as we strive to provide banking excellence while supporting Christian ministry around the world.

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