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When Commerce Meets the Great Commission

by Schuyler Francine

tractor in a field

June 18, 2018

Deep in North Korea’s Chagang Province, a Korean-American mechanic tightens the drive belt on a Kameo tractor, hoping to get his anxious customer back to tilling the fields. After a few low groans, the well-worn machinery sputters to life. The farmer offers a polite nod and a modest payment as he departs.

But the transaction is far from over. The mechanic is encouraged to see life restored to the farmer’s tractor, but his long-term goal is to see the same transformation in the farmer’s life, through the power of Christ.

Easy Entry for Entrepreneurs

By using both traditional mission work and Tent making, we tap into the advantages of each.80% of the world’s population, including groups unreached by the Gospel, live in countries that do not allow missionary visas.  However, many of these same countries welcome and recruit foreign nationals to work within their borders.  And in friendlier countries, foreign entrepreneurs are also warmly integrated into the community as they bring needed services and jobs.

No matter where or what the opportunity may be, a business-savvy Christian looking to impact the world for Christ already matches the job description perfectly…as a Tentmaker.

Businessman on a Mission

David Nunnery, President of Worldwide Tentmakers said these skilled Christian workers are not required to be professional ministers, “but only well-equipped and experienced believers with the intent and desire to spread the Gospel and make disciples."

What an outfitter is to an explorer, Worldwide Tentmakers (WTM) is to Christians who have a passion to share the gospel globally through their life—and their life’s work. David and his wife, Leslie, said their goal with WTM is to “expedite the spread of the Gospel by providing funding or job opportunities to missions-minded entrepreneurs.”

Discover how ECCU supports missions and ministry around the world.

“While we help individuals build a strong business foundation to support themselves and the community, ultimately, our investment is in people—not machines or businesses,” Leslie explained, noting that WTM provides Tentmakers an array of business and spiritual support, funding, resources and community.

Tentmaking the Most of Missions

making breadTentmaking is often thought of as a fall back for missionaries when traditional methods of entry and support break down, but in today’s global economic, political and spiritual climates, Tentmaking works hand-in-hand with missionaries to reach more people with the gospel, in more areas of the world than ever before.


  • provides entry into most countries, especially those with restricted access
  • fosters natural relationships with co-workers in open and restricted countries
  • conserves scarce mission funds for specific missionary ministries
  • multiplies missions forces with witnessing believers in overseas workplaces

Learn more about the ministry of Tentmaking.

There is a rise in missionary forms where business and missions intersect,” David said. “By using both traditional mission work and Tentmaking, we tap into the advantages of each.”

ECCU partners with WTM to help fuel Christ-centered ministry worldwide. 

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