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When You Bank with ECCU...



February 1, 2018

Your Money Fuels Ministry

Choosing a bank is a bit like choosing a doctor. You want to find one who has your interests at heart. As a follower of Jesus, one of your primary interests is to see God’s kingdom expand. The same is true at ECCU. Every member is committed to the idea of sharing resources to grow and support ministry. This means that when you bank with ECCU, your money has eternal impact. Here’s how.

You help support missionaries. Missionaries like Gina McConley serve in places most of us will never go. In her case, it’s the African country of Niger, working with some of that nation’s most vulnerable people. So the last thing Gina needs to be worrying about is banking. And thanks to her ECCU membership, she doesn’t have to. For example:

“Just making a transfer of money or a deposit can be tough with the international regulations we (missionaries) face,” she explained. “Because I’m a member, ECCU takes care of that for me, and then they even cover most of the costs for the transactions. Who does that?”

Gina’s referring to the fact that ECCU saves its missionary members an average of $600 a year in banking fees. Last year these savings added up to over $1 million for the more than 4,000 missionaries who bank with ECCU. That’s a lot of money that can be invested in ministry. To learn more about Gina’s ministry, check out In Touch with the Untouchable.

You help support ministries. As an individual member, you have a certain perception of ECCU. It’s your bank, the place where you save and borrow money. But the staff at many ministry organizations see the credit union differently. It’s the Ministry Banking ResourceTM for them and hundreds of other ministries across the country. They’ve found ECCU to be the banking partner who understands the unique nature of ministry finances. Everything from budgeting and cash flow to loan and credit card needs are distinctively different than at for-profit organizations. To see what kind of difference this understanding can make for ministries, take a look at this video about the International Princess Project.

You help hurting people. Something you may not know about credit unions like ECCU is that they’re considered not-for-profit organizations. Investopedia defines not-for-profit like this:

...a type of organization that does not earn profits for its owners. All of the money earned by or donated to a not-for-profit organization is used in pursuing the organization's objectives and keeping it running.

ECCU’s objective is to grow and support ministry. This means that funds not used to keep the credit union running can be donated to people and organizations who share this passion. In 2017, this translated into thousands of dollars in donations, much of it to help victims of natural disasters and sex trafficking. To learn more about the people and organizations ECCU helped last year, read What a Difference a Year Makes.

Whether it’s help for missionaries, ministry organizations or hurting people, in a very real sense it amounts to fueling ministry. And it’s all possible because of ECCU members like you.

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