Your Membership Could Mean Millions to Missionaries


Each membership means more money for ministry

April 27, 2017

Imagine that tomorrow morning your coffee shop adds a $6 fee onto the cost of your latte. It’s the same java, just more expensive. What if that fee continues every day—and it’s also added to every other purchase you make, even for necessities?

Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet, each day, missionaries face similar or even greater international fees every time they use a credit card, access an ATM, or send a wire transfer outside the states. Without an alternative, a missionary can waste hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year on these fees.

Now imagine having the ability to wipe out those costs and funnel that savings back into ministry. Well, honestly you don’t need much of an imagination, because reducing and even eliminating these fees is one way your ECCU membership already helps support over 4,000 missionaries around the world.

The best money you’ve never spent

One challenge nearly all missionaries face is raising enough financial support to get overseas—or to stay there. So, by reducing transaction fees for missionaries, ECCU creates an additional form of financial support that members provide simply by having their money deposited with ECCU.

As a member, every dollar you deposit with ECCU is put to work generating a return on your investment. Your portion of that return goes right back to you in the form of interest; meanwhile, ECCU uses another part of that return to cover the cost of international fees for missionary members. So, every ECCU member makes a difference, just by using everyday banking services.

And, the savings from individual memberships add up fast!  In 2016 alone, ECCU members saved missionaries more than $1 million in fees. Imagine how much more time those missionaries were able to spend ministering—instead of fundraising.

And that’s all because of individual members like you!


All in a Day’s work

Experience a day in the life of a missionaryOne couple has seen the benefits of ECCU membership literally from the inside out. Anna and Adam Day are new missionaries with WorldVenture, headed to the Philippines. For nearly 10 years before that, Anna served on staff at ECCU. As a member, Anna enjoyed the full-array of ECCU banking services, and she saw firsthand the level of commitment given to each missionary member. “ECCU staff interacted with missionary members as though they were family,” she said, “going above and beyond to help with their banking needs.”

Now, Anna is personally experiencing that same support, but as a missionary herself. “The level of care is particularly meaningful to me now that I’m on the other end, facing foreign transaction fees and figuring out how to bank from thousands of miles away.”

Spread the Word, by Spreading the word

Simply put, each new ECCU membership means more savings for missionaries like the Days—and that means more available time for ministry and sharing the gospel.

If you are new to ECCU, become a member today and start making a difference! In fact, your timing couldn’t be better. Right now, ECCU is covering the new membership fee.

As an ECCU member, please share the benefits of ECCU with a Christian friend, or especially with a missionary friend who could take advantage of all ECCU has to offer. Here’s an easy way to do it.

Thanks a million!

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