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Hackers Aren’t the only Threat to Your Data

Two things usually happen when I read about the latest hack on a company’s computers. First, I get angry. It makes me mad that people who are smart enough to do stuff like that don’t do something constructive instead. Then I settle down and think about whether all the data I have on my phone and laptop is safe. [read more]

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Think Fraud Isn’t an Issue for Ministries? Think Again

Recent headlines confirm the reality of fraud in ministry. If you lead a ministry, you should take steps to prevent fraud. [read more]

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Get Ready for EMV Chips—the Next Generation of Bank Cards

You may be aware that in many other countries, EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) chip cards have replaced the debit and credit cards with magnetic stripes or magstripes that are still commonly used in the US. [read more]

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ECCU in the World: Doing More Together

Do more. No, that’s not a mantra to speed up your already busy life. It’s our reason for being. [read more]

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Cash Flow Problems Can Hold Your Church Back

Are you a pastor? Then cash flow probably isn’t on your top 10 list of things to think about. Maybe it should be. [read more]

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How to Manage Unpredictable Cash Flow

Compare your ministry’s summer income to year-end. Quite a contrast, hey? No organization, profit or nonprofit, receives revenue at a predictable pace. Inability to manage this... [read more]

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