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You Have More to Give than You Think

The biblical idea of holding things loosely is easy to teach and remember, but it sure can be hard to do. My wife and I have an annual practice of decluttering our home, but still I’m haunted when I see Peter Menzel’s epic book Material World: A Global Family Portrait. No wonder the Bible talks about money and stuff so much. [read more]

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Generosity Lessons Aren’t Just for Kids

Sometimes lessons that are simple enough for a child to learn are important for adults like us to relearn. Even those of us that are in ministry! They take us back to basics that we may have forgotten. [read more]

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Should Your Ministry Rent, Build or Buy Your Facilities?

It’s a common question for growing ministries. You’re either bursting at the seams or at the 80 percent threshold that says it’s time to find more space or stop growing. So what’s the answer? [read more]

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What Does the Bible Say about Borrowing?

You’re working hard at your calling but you don’t have enough money to pay for something—a car, a coat, a computer. Should you borrow money for that purchase? Should... [read more]

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Handle Cash Wisely to Prevent Fraud

When you read a report that says “ecclesiastical crime” worldwide costs ministries more than all the money given to support foreign missions each year, you have to admit that good stewardship means taking steps to prevent fraud. [read more]

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Hackers Aren’t the only Threat to Your Data

Two things usually happen when I read about the latest hack on a company’s computers. First, I get angry. It makes me mad that people who are smart enough to do stuff like that don’t do something constructive instead. Then I settle down and think about whether all the data I have on my phone and laptop is safe. [read more]

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