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Why School Enrollment Declines and what to Do about It

Is your school’s enrollment declining? You’re not alone. So are half the independent schools in the US according to a recent study. [read more]

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Should Your Church Consider a Cell Tower Lease?

A sales rep stops by your church office with a simple offer. Your building is ideally suited to be a cell phone tower. The equipment will be practically invisible. If you lease the space to install it, your church will earn $2,500 per month. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? [read more]

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Now Is a Good Time to Talk with Your Banker

When managing ministry money, every season has its focus. So when is it a good time to talk with your banker? [read more]

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ECFA Stewardship Standards: How Does Your Organization Measure Up?

Financial accountability is a mouthful. But like many essential aspects of ministry stewardship, it’s easier said than done. [read more]

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How to Keep Your Credit Rating Strong While Living Abroad

While living overseas, all of your traditional U.S.-based lines of credit that remain open will continue to affect your credit score. [read more]

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Email Account Hacks Are Costing Ministries Money

Your organization receives an email from a trusted ministry partner with a simple request—to transfer funds via wire or ACH. It appears to be a routine request, but be careful. It may not be. [read more]

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