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What It Takes to Qualify for a Ministry Loan

You need a commercial loan to purchase a piece of real estate that is ideal property. Will your ministry qualify for that loan? Answering this question will... [read more]

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What if Your Bank Closed Your Accounts Tomorrow?

Regulatory crackdowns have led banks to sever relationships with a range of cash-based businesses. Churches are getting caught in this “de-risking vortex” because much of their income is cash. [read more]

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Cash Reserves: An Online Calculator for Good Stewardship

Knowing how much liquid cash to keep on hand is difficult. That’s why ECCU offers ministries a three-step education on how to factor the cash reserves they need, plus an online calculator to determine... [read more]

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11 Steps to Basic Budgeting

Budgeting time can drive ministry leaders crazy. One reason is that you don’t lack for options. Take budget types. There are zero based, historical, cash flow... [read more]

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Stitch by Stitch, Enslaved Indian Women Discover Freedom

Thanks to ECCU members, we’re able to support Christian ministry around the world. And just what kind of ministry do ECCU members’ actually support? Hear from one ECCU member minstry fighting sex trafficking in India. [read more]

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Every Budget Tells a Story. Make Sure Yours Does.

Have you noticed how those ministry fundraising letters that show up in your mailbox don’t talk much about money? They tell stories. At least the ones that get people to respond do. Well guess what? When... [read more]

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