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Church Planting: Are You Putting Your Money Where Your Mission Is?

As the new year gets underway, so does the budgeting process for many church plants. It can be a laborious endeavor, can’t it? How do you make sure it’s worth the effort? One key is to build a budget that aligns directly with your missional priorities. It may take a bit of extra work, but this is one time when every ounce of that effort will be well spent. [read more]

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Infographic: How Should you Allocate your Church Budget?

It can be a challenge to create a church budget in a vacuum. How do you know if you’ve chosen the best way to allocate your funds? We asked a number of churches for a detailed breakdown of their budget. [read more]

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Chart a Clear Course for Your Budgeting Process

Competition for what drives your budget process can be fierce. Last year’s department budgets can be serious contenders. So can new ideas. There are the inevitable urgent facilities needs. And how about personnel costs? How do you prioritize funding for these areas when they all seem essential? [read more]

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The Spending Side of Stewardship: How Are You Doing?

During the Great Recession, many ministries experienced an unfamiliar reality: dramatic income declines. Those that didn’t respond by quickly cutting expenses learned some key stewardship lessons the hard way. One was that it’s much easier to stay on mission when you build a healthy budget and stick to it. Do you wisely plan and diligently monitor your spending? Here are some tips to help you stay on track. [read more]

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Is Your Budget Ready for Summer?

Every season presents unique budget challenges. Decreased giving is a common one when summer hits. The issues that accompany an ill-equipped budget can be acute. For example, what if your air conditioning system fails during a hot spell and you haven’t maintained a facilities maintenance reserve fund to cover that expense? Summer is just a month away. How do you know if your budget will be ready when it arrives? [read more]

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Are You Prepared to Manage Increased Year-end Cash Flow?

If your ministry is one of the many that sees a giving spike at year-end, this is a question you must be able to answer in the affirmative. [read more]

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