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Are You Thinking Strategically about the Season of Giving?

Whether your fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31 or July 1 to June 30, chances are your financial picture as the holidays approach has turned out differently than you expected. [read more]

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It’s Not too Late to Prepare for Summer Expenses

When summer comes, it can bring some budget-busting seasonal expenses with it. [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

Proactive Budgeting: A Biblical Response to Economic Uncertainty

As the Great Recession hunkered down and made life difficult for so many ministries around 2009 and later, stories started surfacing of churches and other ministries that learned hard lessons through those lean years and began managing their finances differently. One practice that began to gain traction was something that today could best be termed proactive budgeting. It has since proven to be a practical example of wise stewardship. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

11 Steps to Basic Budgeting

Budgeting time can drive ministry leaders crazy. One reason is that you don’t lack for options. Take budget types. There are zero based, historical, cash flow... [read more]

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Every Budget Tells a Story. Make Sure Yours Does.

Have you noticed how those ministry fundraising letters that show up in your mailbox don’t talk much about money? They tell stories. At least the ones that get people to respond do. Well guess what? When... [read more]

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Is Saving Part of Your Spending Plan?

It might be a stretch to say that the day my wife and I started using a budget changed our lives, but not a big stretch. That day we substituted being frugal (our alternative to budgeting) for actually knowing our financial status. It was... [read more]

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