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Business Credit Cards: An Unflashy Way to Be Better Stewards

by Jac La Tour

business credit card

March 14, 2016

Not long after I first joined a church staff, the senior pastor said something that stuck. Here it is: Ministry is 90 percent mucking out the stalls.

How’s that for an earthy metaphor? It probably resonated with me because I grew up in Midwest farm country. So it communicated quickly something that I would soon know from experience. In ministry, much of what you do isn’t flashy. Especially when you’re managing money and facilities. It’s things like preparing bank deposits, reviewing expense reports and getting bids on slurry coating the parking lot.

The flip side of this metaphor is that the 90 percent is worth it when you witness the 10 percent that’s amazing. Like seeing people respond to God’s grace by giving generously, even sacrificially. Or seeing that parking lot fill up with new people coming to hear the story of Jesus.

A business credit card falls in this unflashy category. It’s just a tool like you would need for any routine but important job. Right? Not exactly. Certain tools work better for certain jobs. A carpenter, for example, doesn’t use a little finishing hammer to drive big nails into heavy lumber.

Same goes for credit cards. The Visa® business credit card is a good example. Three of its many features are especially well-suited to the way many ministry organizations manage money:

No personal guarantees. This means no member of your staff who carries a business credit card needs to guarantee payment. It’s your organization, not your staff members, that has to qualify for the card.

Reduce expense reimbursement. Talk about an unflashy activity that chews up staff time! With this credit card, you get online reporting for individualized expense tracking.

Set spending limits. It takes time to monitor who’s spending how much. With this card, you get to set and manage the spending limit for each cardholder.

As you think about using a business credit card, don’t forget to take advantage of the tools available to help pave the way for effective ministry. Sometimes unflashy business tools bring out the best results.

Follow this link to see all the features of ECCU’s Visa® business credit card.

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