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Cash Reserves: An Online Calculator for Good Stewardship


 ECCU cash reserves calculator

February 25, 2015

Knowing how much liquid cash to keep on hand is difficult. That’s why we offer ministries tools to help determine the cash reserves they need, plus an online calculator to determine liquidity for ministries. We recommend that ministries begin by determining their cash reserves and liquidity needs based on three areas:

  • Cash flow fluctuation — Because income to your ministry rarely comes in at the same time and amount as expenses.
  • Unplanned events — You can't predict the future, but you can plan for events that could lower income or increase expenses and calculate the fiscal impact of these events.
  • Potential opportunities — This is the place for dreams: new programs, ministries, staff members and more.

We've developed an easy-to-use calculator that factors your cash flow fluctuation, unplanned events and potential opportunities. Click on the links below to calculate the optimal cash reserves for your ministry.

Cash Reserves Calculator

Sample Cash Reserves Calculator


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