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Cash Reserves

How much cash reserves do you need?

Okay, you know cash reserves are important, and you’ll do the work to figure out how much your organization needs. But what if there were a tool to quickly calculate... [read more]

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The Intersection of Faith and Financial Planning

The intersection of faith and planning can be a mysterious crossroads, where the signs aren’t always clear. Consider the experience of Boca Raton Community Church in Florida. Recognizing the... [read more]

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Eat Your Vegetables!

When I was a kid, my mom always put vegetables on my plate, and I couldn’t leave the table until I ate them. When peas (which I hated) were on the menu, I’d eat everything else first. Then, when I was tired of waiting to go outside and play, I’d plug my nose, take some big bites, and choke them down. One good thing about being an adult is that no one forces you to eat your peas. You may know that eating your vegetables is a healthy choice, but you don’t always make that choice. It can be the same with ministry finances. We know that setting aside money is a healthy financial choice, but we don’t always do... [read more]

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3 Critical Reasons for Maintaining Cash Reserves

Did you know that we found a direct correlation between a ministry becoming financially distressed and maintaining adequate cash reserves? Certainly makes sense that if you have a buffer, your ministry is less likely to focus on survival. So why don’t more ministries... [read more]

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Cash Reserves: Why you need them. How to build them.

In recent years ministries have learned the importance of cash reserves—having funds available when you need them. Without adequate reserves, the pursuit of your ministry’s mission may be in jeopardy. This webinar recording can help by... [read more]

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Saving Cash Could Save Your Ministry

In a recent letter to his shareholders, Warren Buffet makes mention of wisdom he learned from his grandfather, Ernest. Buffet, who was listed again as the third richest individual in the world by Forbes... [read more]

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