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Financial Management

3 Obstacles Every Church Faces with Digital Giving

Years ago, if you’d asked a pastor about digital giving, they probably would’ve called it a fad. But it’s quickly becoming the norm. [read more]

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Could your church weather another economic downturn?

As the economic downturn began to affect charitable giving, many leaders faced challenges they’d never experienced before, like laying off staff, cutting programs or struggling to make mortgage payments. And budgeting became brutal. Proven past practices simply didn’t work in what gradually became known as the new normal. [read more]

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Why Recurring Giving is a Game Changer for Churches

One of the challenges about maintaining a church budget is the fact that it’s always in flux. You simply can’t predict how it’s going to look year to year. Which means that you end up forecasting next year’s budget knowing that your income will fluctuate. [read more]

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You Can Build Trust by the Way You Lead Your Church

You’d think that if a survey were done to identify the profession people view as most trustworthy, clergy would rank near the top, right?. And you’d be wrong. [read more]

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6 Financial Challenges for Church Planters and How to Handle Them

If you’re a church planter, you have plenty of experience with the unpredictable nature of weekly income. At least there’s the upside that you don’t have as many fixed expenses as more established churches. [read more]

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Here’s How to Get Your Church Ready to Grow

Healthy financial practices protect your church and fuel your mission. Experience is the best teacher. And the lessons you learn from experience not only tend to stick, but they’re often worth passing along to others. [read more]

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