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Financial Management

Where did all the givers go?

You already take into account new program launch dates, service times, even the rhythm of your giving cycles. So, when your church’s financial need doesn’t match your congregation’s mindset toward giving, it can leave you wondering what’s out of sync. [read more]

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How Do You Build a Culture of Stewardship?

Is stewardship a discipline or a way of life? Well, the biblical answer is yes. One key to creating a culture of stewardship is to take a holistic approach. How can you craft this kind of your approach for your church? [read more]

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Using the Right Financial Services Makes Ministry Banking Easier and More Efficient

One advantage of banking with a financial institution that understands what you do is that they design financial services with your operating practices in mind. A key to making the most of these services is to use the right ones for the right things [read more]

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Your Credit Cards Can Be Effective Cash-Management Tools

It’s natural to view credit cards simply as a means of spending money. You use them to buy things and pay bills, right? But when ECCU ministry members wisely manage the business credit cards given to their staff members, they can actually save time and money. [read more]

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Financial Mistakes Your Church Can’t Afford to Make

Last time we talked about reasons to rent versus buy your facilities. One reason to rent is to avoid incurring debt that could force you to curtail core ministry. Turns out that tendency is more common than it should be. A few years ago, as we were emerging from the Great Recession, ChurchLeaders published Top 10 Financial Mistakes Churches Make. “Acquiring Unmanageable Debt,” was one practice that proved to be unwise when the economy shifted. A more recent article, 10 Mistakes Churches Make with Money, includes the same error. Apparently, some have been slow to learn that lesson. [read more]

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This Credit Card Makes Good Stewardship Easier

Managing ministry money in ways that reflect good stewardship is a complex task. You have to handle everything from personal expense reports to annual audits. As your ministry grows, it makes sense to use tools that streamline your financial management efforts. The business credit card is one of them. [read more]

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