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Financial Management

Are You Prepared to Manage Increased Year-end Cash Flow?

If your ministry is one of the many that sees a giving spike at year-end, this is a question you must be able to answer in the affirmative. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Keep Your Email Fraud Guard Up

Email fraud originating in West Africa is getting more sophisticated. And it’s costing U.S. organizations a lot of money. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

ECFA Stewardship Standards: How Does Your Organization Measure Up?

Financial accountability is a mouthful. But like many essential aspects of ministry stewardship, it’s easier said than done. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

How to Keep Your Credit Rating Strong While Living Abroad

While living overseas, all of your traditional U.S.-based lines of credit that remain open will continue to affect your credit score. [read more]

Category: Missionary Minded

Beware: Email Scam Targets Non-Profits

You receive an unsolicited email from someone who appears to be the principal of a legitimate architectural firm. How should you respond? [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Who Needs Mobile or Online Banking? You Probably Do.

Okay, for the sake of discussion, let’s say you don’t think mobile banking is something your ministry needs. Consider this scenario: You receive a call that payroll requires your approval because the individual who normally approves it is out of the office sick. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters