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Financial Management

Use Technology to Keep Staff Safe and Cash Secure

How do you deliver ministry funds, like Sunday’s offerings, to your bank? A priest in Chicago learned the hard way that making a weekly trip to the bank is a risk that’s not worth taking. [read more]

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Good Intentions Aren’t Enough when Managing Church Funds

Here are some questions for those of you who handle church finances: Is all of your staffs’ taxable compensation being reported as taxable? Are your senior pastor’s spending reports... [read more]

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Handle Love Offerings Carefully

Over the past couple hundred years, the practice of giving a love offering has evolved with the diverse history and traditions of America’s Christian community. In fact, the term “love offering” predates the enactment of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and does not appear in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). However, the giving of love offerings has produced a number of cases on which the IRS has ruled. These cases provide some guiding principles... [read more]

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3 Key Tasks for Managing Ministry Bank Accounts

Once you set up your ministry’s bank accounts, it’s easy to forget about them except when checking your account balance, making deposits, or writing checks. However, you should do several other vital tasks to ensure that you’re managing your bank... [read more]

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Online Banking Guidelines and Tips

Online banking has become my primary means of managing funds and account information for all my corporate and personal accounts. It has become such a normal way of banking that I can’t imagine... [read more]

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What values guide your finance team?

Values that I hold as essential have been shaped by a number of sources; parents, work, friends, church and by the Bible. But the values I live by may not be the same values that others in my organization or finance area share. So I have found it important that we externalize... [read more]

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