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Financial Management

Religious Accountability Commission Releases Report, Recommendations

The Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations just published their report, which was presented last... [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Who’s checking your senior leader’s expenses?

An area often overlooked at ministries is the review and approval of senior leaders’ expenses. While we tend to trust our leaders’ integrity, small mistakes or outright abuse can lead to questions and mistrust by donors and diminish the reputation of your ministry. While it is more... [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Assembling the Financial Team

In light of new economic realities, securing a ministry mortgage or refinancing an existing one can be daunting. It takes a team to navigate the process. The following is a white paper by David R. Fletcher that examines how to evaluate the expertise of prospective people for your team and how to identify outside... [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Is Your Church Making Any of These Top 10 Financial Mistakes?

“Over the past several years, many churches made the mistake of borrowing everything a bank was willing to lend them. As a result, many ministries are facing the strangling hold of lenders and interest payments. Seek to restructure the debt…and resolve... [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

The Bible as an Investment Guide?

Is it possible that a book which is thousands of years old has insights that can guide investment decisions today? Respected financial advisor Ron Blue says yes. In a post titled What the Bible Can... [read more]

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Do You Qualify as a Minister for Tax Purposes?

While we are all called to ministry in our local church, there are specific requirements for determining whether you are a “minister” in the eyes of the IRS. This matters, of course, because it affects... [read more]

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