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Are you ready to refinance?

Games make sense and are easier to play when you know the rules. The same is true when it comes to refinancing your ministry’s mortgage. And the economic challenges of the past decade have prompted significant changes in lending requirements. If you’re looking to refinance, here are the rules of the game today. [read more]

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Could your organization get a loan today?

When professional sports teams consider acquiring new players, one major consideration is a prospect’s health. The same is true for lenders reviewing loan applications. They’re looking for healthy borrowers, those that can handle the prospective debt. [read more]

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Rethinking Refinancing

With interest rates still lingering around historically low levels, we often have conversations with church leaders who wonder whether this would be a good time to refinance their mortgages. You may have the same question. As you try to answer it, here are a few things to keep in mind. [read more]

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Now Is a Good Time to Talk with Your Banker

When managing ministry money, every season has its focus. So when is it a good time to talk with your banker? [read more]

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Business Credit Cards: An Unflashy Way to Be Better Stewards

Not long after I first joined a church staff, the senior pastor said something that stuck. Here it is: Ministry is 90 percent mucking out the stalls. In ministry, much of what you do isn’t flashy. Especially when you’re managing money and facilities. A business credit card is in this unflashy category. [read more]

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What Will It Take for Your Organization to Get a Loan Today?

We’re all too aware that the rules of the financing game changed forever after the Great Recession. It simply became harder for churches and other ministries to qualify for loans. What about today? [read more]

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