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Should Your Ministry Rent, Build or Buy Your Facilities?

It’s a common question for growing ministries. You’re either bursting at the seams or at the 80 percent threshold that says it’s time to find more space or stop growing. So what’s the answer? [read more]

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Refinancing: Do Your Numbers Add Up Today?

A church with a good track record for managing finances wants to refinance their mortgage early to take advantage of low interest rates. Their cash flow and liquidity have been historically strong, as has... [read more]

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What It Takes to Qualify for a Ministry Loan

You need a commercial loan to purchase a piece of real estate that is ideal property. Will your ministry qualify for that loan? Answering this question will... [read more]

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Funding Your Vision with Financing

To see how the lending environment has changed and why it’s especially important that ministry leaders understand how to use financing to fund the vision for their ministries, watch this ECCU webinar recording. [read more]

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Is your ministry creditworthy?

“Would our ministry qualify for a loan?” As the economy continues to recover, many ministry leaders are asking this question. One place to find answers is the people who make loan decisions. So I asked two ECCU lending experts who not only have extensive experience but also helped guide many ministries through the economic turmoil of the past four years. Mike Boblit is an ECCU regional director. Randy Marsh is a senior relationship manager. Here are my questions and their... [read more]

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How to Look Like a Healthy Borrower

The Great Recession forever changed the way commercial lenders evaluate potential borrowers. By watching this webinar recording, you’ll learn more about the criteria a ministry must meet... [read more]

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