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Planning for and Managing Year-end Giving, Part 2

The reasons people give at year-end are no different than the rest of the year. A big one is that they believe in your mission and want to help make it happen. They’re also more aware of the stewardship implications of tax deductions at year-end, These two factors mean many of your people are more attentive this time of year. How can you make the most of this captive audience? [read more]

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Focus on Online Giving, Part 1

When people are motivated to give as so many are at year-end, it’s wise to make it easy for them to donate to your organization. And use of online giving is on the rise. So it makes sense to promote online options and make them as easy as possible for your donors to use. [read more]

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Planning for and Managing Year-end Giving, Part 1

Many ministry organizations budget for a boost in giving at year-end. If yours is one of them, you should be planning now for how to manage that extra money. A big key to doing it wisely is to view the increase in the context of your overall cash flow. But how do you do that? [read more]

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Why Is People’s Motivation for Giving Important?

It’s a long-standing tension in Christian circles: What motivates people to be generous? Is it duty? Discipline? Response to God’s generosity? A recent study by Barna Group reveals some helpful insights into the question of why people give. For church and ministry leaders, these insights amount to a call to discipleship, helping people better understand who they are in Christ and why giving is vital to their life in him. [read more]

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Is your church set up to receive card donations or purchases?

My children have attended daycare over the years. They’ve also participated in activities like sports and dance. To my disappointment, each of these services and opportunities costs money! Yes, I understand that those who provide services to my family need to be paid. It’s just that every month when I get a bill, it’s painful to spend that money. [read more]

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Who Are the Givers? And How Can You Become One of Them?

Are Christians more generous? The Bible teaches us that giving is an act of worship, but as we all strive to live by Jesus’ teaching about generosity, we may find that variances among Christian giving – even when and how much to give – do exist. [read more]

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