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PART 1: How to Talk about Giving at Year-End

Every trip to the mailbox…every time they turn on the TV…whenever they go online, people are deluged with communications designed to get them to spend or give money. How can your organization talk about giving in ways that cut through the communications clutter and get people’s attention? [read more]

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How Should You Give What You’ve Received?

What’s the best way to reinvest kingdom resources? There are three options that we know are near to God’s heart are orphans, widows and aliens. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Attendance May Dip in Summer, but Giving Doesn’t Have to

Summer comes, attendance drops. Show people how easy and important it is to give consistently. [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Allow People to Schedule Their Own Giving and Watch what Happens

The ability to accept automatic, recurring donations can be one of the most important factors in growing a church from a financial standpoint. [read more]

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What to Do Before Launching Your Fundraising Plan

What’s the first thing you should do when trying to bolster your fundraising efforts? Communicate more often with donors? Do a better job of tracking donations? These are... [read more]

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3 Keys to Keeping Donors Engaged with Your Ministry

Your donors may be wild about your ministry’s mission, but their commitment to financially support it is being tested every day. Online, through the mail and in countless other ways, people are exposed to new, compelling ways... [read more]

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