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What Motivates People to Give?

If you lead a ministry, this is the $64,000 question, isn’t it? Answer it correctly and you might see giving increase. But as demographics have changed, so has the answer to this question. Today, the right answer should include... [read more]

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Tis the season people want to give. Help them.

Here’s a thought. All kinds of people are thinking about giving at Christmas and year-end, especially generous, kingdom-minded people. Of course the competition for givers’ attention is stiff during... [read more]

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Planned Giving: The Opportunity Cost of Doing Nothing

For the purposes of this white paper, the alternative action is doing nothing! Most charities simply do nothing when it comes to planned giving. On average, Americans have approximately 9 percent of their net worth in cash and 91 percent in assets. Yet, nonprofits... [read more]

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Stewarding All of God's Blessings

Stewardship is an ever changing aspect of the Christian way of life. Consider Jesus’ admonition to the rich man: “Go, sell everything you have and…follow me” (Mark 10:21). Contrast this with the apologetics of the 1970s and 80s that consumed many Christian leaders and... [read more]

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Which age group donates the most?

Probably not surprising, but according to a study by Blackbaud, baby boomers and their parents accounted for 70% of total giving in the U.S. last year. Boomers on average supported 4.5 charities with annual giving of $1,212, which represented 43% of total U.S. giving. By comparison, boomers’ parents (Matures age 68 ) on average... [read more]

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Funding Your Vision by Teaching Generosity

Teaching generosity changes everything, but most ministries need new ways to do it. By watching this webinar recording, you’ll learn practical, biblical, and proven ideas for creating a culture of generosity and growing godly givers from generosity expert Pastor Brian Kluth. [read more]

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