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When Working with Major Donors, Keep It Personal

I have been asked so often about the guiding principles for working with major donors and how our ministry has been blessed with success in this area. I always respond in the same way: “Keep it personal.” Let me explain. As Christians, we live in and are influenced by the secular world. Our high-tech, high-speed lives have often been created at the expense of true personal relationships. Much of what was once... [read more]

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Fundraising with Newsletters: What Prompts the Most Response?

Donor-focused stories prompt the most response. Stories that are written to the donor, for the donor, and about the donor. Far too many newsletters are all about the organization. Such newsletters—I call them “Navel-Gazing Newsletters”—talk all about the news, the programs, and the accomplishments of the organization. Donors are interested in what their money has accomplished. Sometimes newsletters... [read more]

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Essentials of Fundraising for Churches

Fundraising for your church shouldn’t be a painful or frustrating experience. Understanding the “must haves” and cycle of fundraising can help you as you ask others to partner financially with your church. [read more]

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Evangelical Ministry Giving Outpaced Secular in 2012

According to ECFA’s 2013 Annual State of Giving Report, giving to evangelical churches and ministries outpaced giving to secular charities in 2012. Charitable giving to ECFA-accredited organizations... [read more]

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Nine Clever Ways to Thank Your Donors

I came across this great reminder of simple but important ways to thank and communicate to donors from Nonprofit Marketing Guide. I especially love this suggestion: “Write a Greeting Card, Not a... [read more]

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