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Is Your Vision Bigger Than Your Bank Account?



September 24, 2019

Considering a capital campaign? Here’s how to plan it. 

The three major phases of a successful campaign.

Whether it’s a grand vision for a new campus, a facility upgrade or eagerness to launch a new ministry, big dreams spark a lot of excitement...and questions. The biggest one is often how to pay for it, and the answer is frequently a capital campaign. But where do you start, especially if your church has never done one?

It’s no surprise that successful campaigns start with good planning. And now you don’t have to wonder what good preparation looks like. For example, does three years sound like a long time for a capital campaign? It’s not. Many last much longer.

So what are the three phases? Briefly…

Pre-planning: This is where your vision begins to take shape. It’s when you assemble your team, set goals and develop a plan.

The quiet phase: Here you’ll build momentum behind the scene by meeting with your wealthiest donors and gathering support.

The public phase: This is when you unveil your plan to the congregation through thoughtful marketing and communication.

The ebook lays out key milestones to a successful campaign and how to achieve them. Who, for instance, do you recruit for the team to execute your campaign? There are six roles, several of which are sometimes filled by more than one person. Like “The Planners.” The ebook describes ideal candidates for this small team like this:

  • Someone who’s very good with numbers
  • Someone who’s well-connected within the church (to identify early donors and plan the Quiet Phase of the campaign)
  • Someone who’s detail oriented
  • Someone who can write well

One more note. Are you unsure whether a capital campaign is even the right funding option for your church? Our ministry banking team can walk you through other options. You can reach them at 800.634.3228.

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