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Millennial Donor Study



January 8, 2018

Understanding the Motivation behind Millennial Giving

Millennials (those born in the 1980s to early 2000s) are now the largest generation in history, and as a demographic, millennials are notoriously elusive and difficult to categorize into a particular mindset. However, this group is an important ministry target and fundraising base, and understanding them is vital to building a deep and robust fundraising support team. 

To dive deeper into this demographic, fundraising veteran Rick Dunham shared details of a recent study by Dunham+Company that dispels some of the misconceptions we’ve been told about this generation. In his article Millennial Donors--They’re not who you think they are, Dunham reveals how conventional wisdom is not necessarily accurate in describing this demographic.

Dunham explains how “we have been told that millennials have a higher propensity to want to volunteer, aren’t as religiously involved, and aren’t a very generous generation.” However, he walks us through the facts and stats that demonstrate the true millennial mindset and how we can reach this group effectively.

You can read the study and Dunham’s assessment by clicking Millennial Donors--They’re not who you think they are.

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