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What do global missions thought leaders really think?

In a recent survey by Missio Nexus, more than 160 CEOs of global missions organizations shared their insights on the state of missions worldwide—both personally and organizationally. Missio Nexus compiled the results and created this Missiographic from the full report, providing a snapshot of what’s going on behind the scenes in missions around the globe. [read more]

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Why Is People’s Motivation for Giving Important?

It’s a long-standing tension in Christian circles: What motivates people to be generous? Is it duty? Discipline? Response to God’s generosity? A recent study by Barna Group reveals some helpful insights into the question of why people give. For church and ministry leaders, these insights amount to a call to discipleship, helping people better understand who they are in Christ and why giving is vital to their life in him. [read more]

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Stewardship: Should Your Church Switch to Solar for Electricity?

Solar panels. You see them on homes and businesses all over the place. But what about churches? What about your church? Would it be a good stewardship decision to switch to solar electricity? Well, there’s no quick answer to this question. It’ll take a team of people to do the homework necessary to come up with that answer. But where do you start? [read more]

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Is your church set up to receive card donations or purchases?

My children have attended daycare over the years. They’ve also participated in activities like sports and dance. To my disappointment, each of these services and opportunities costs money! Yes, I understand that those who provide services to my family need to be paid. It’s just that every month when I get a bill, it’s painful to spend that money. [read more]

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Empty Wallet? No Problem!

More and more people are carrying fewer checks and less cash these days. I used to make a special point of grabbing my checkbook each week to take it to church. Not anymore! [read more]

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Who Are the Givers? And How Can You Become One of Them?

Are Christians more generous? The Bible teaches us that giving is an act of worship, but as we all strive to live by Jesus’ teaching about generosity, we may find that variances among Christian giving – even when and how much to give – do exist. [read more]

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