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Ministry Matters

Best Practices Are Not Always Obvious in Ministry

“As a ministry leader, what does God want from me as I make decisions in financial matters?” It’s a seemingly simple question, but not always easy to answer. In consulting with hundreds of churches across... [read more]

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Handling Cash: A Common-Sense Approach to Securing Your Ministry's Most Liquid Asset

Consider the following scenarios: Newspaper headline reads: “Sticky Fingered Deacon Pads Wallet with Offering Plate Funds.” Nobody wants this humiliating portrayal of their church to appear... [read more]

Category: Ministry Matters

Is Your Data Secure?

You’re not as safe as you think. Think for a moment: Where do you keep information about your congregants or donors? In an Excel file on someone’s desktop computer? An Access database housed on your laptop? If someone were to steal your computer, would she suddenly have the names, phone numbers, and addresses... [read more]

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You're a Church Treasurer

You’ve been praying for an area of service, and the Lord has opened the door. You’ve been asked to fill the role of treasurer at your church. Your title may vary—business administrator, CFO, accountant, controller—but the responsibilities may be the same. If you’re a CPA with an extensive financial background, you don’t... [read more]

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Vital Information You Can Take to the Bank

Attending to the financial affairs of a growing church is no small task. More people means more giving and more expenses and more staff and more salaries and benefits and more complicated budgets. You get the idea. It’s not uncommon, though, for the banking practices... [read more]

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Financial Statements Matter

The purpose of financial reporting is to provide church and ministry leaders with accurate information to evaluate past performance and make decisions about the future. As current ministries are evaluated and new programs considered, financial statements... [read more]

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